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About Finance Centre – our story

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In the 90’s Australian banks were very different to what they are today. They were non-competitive, controlling, and simply ruthless. They lost the personal touch. Fees, fees and more fees became the norm, and customers were conditioned to wait on hold, forever!

As banks continued to replace staff with overseas firms, and automated messages, phone queues and more and more fees, a small group of young Sydney-siders setup office out in the suburbs with an idea to provide low-rate finance products & services to compete with the banks. This team of young and refreshingly enthusiastic staff not only provided competitive rates, but brought back that personal service that had disappeared in the banking sector.

Keeping margins low, and having personalised service for each customer, this little biz in the suburbs became Australia’s biggest non-bank car finance company, expanding Australia wide and providing millions and millions of dollars in loans for more than a decade.

The not so little biz became such a major player in Australia, that the owners were made an offer to sell, an offer too good to refuse. The biz was sold, and with payment the original owners had to agree to a non-competition embargo restricting them of offering any type of cheap finance in Australia!

Well, that embargo period has expired. We, are, BACK! And we’ve started a new little biz, launching in both NSW & QLD but able to provide finance services products throughout Australia.

We’re a little older, a little wiser, and with a whole lot of love for the job we do and the financial services we provide, I welcome you to Finance Centre™. Soon, I think, and I hope, to be Australia’s favourite finance broker.

The Fine Print

Here’s the fomal stuff.

Finance Centre Pty Ltd is an Authorised Credit Representative (#498563) of Connective Broker Services Pty Ltd ACN 161 731 111 (Australian Credit Licence #389328).

The domain name, the term ‘Finance Centre’ and the Finance Centre logo are Trade Marks used with permission under license agreement by Finance Centre Pty Ltd.

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