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About Our Low Rate Boat Loans

Boat loans are similar to personal loans but are often a lower interest rate because the loan is secured by a financial interest in the marine vessel you purchase. These secured loans are also available for Jetskis, Cruisers, Fishing Boats, Yachts, Leisure Craft etc. Scroll down to view the various finance options to buy your next boat.

Our staff helps Aussie customers find the most suitable loan, for cars, boats, motorbikes, or any other worthwhile purchase. With access to a wide variety of banks and finance lenders we compare the best finance options available to you through our large panel of Australian lenders. Let our staff help you!

If you are self employed, we speak your language. If you’re boat will be used for business use we help business customers secure a chattel mortgage, hire purchase, or novated boat lease. Our Finance Centre staff our experienced with helping small business.

Not only do we compare boat loans, but we also offer flexible finance products for business, boat leasing, and bad credit customers

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Which is the best boat loan for you?

Is your boat going to be all work? or all play? Or a bit of both? We have a variety of flexible options and products to suit your boat finance requirements.

Boat Loan - Secured

This is a secured loan available for a new or used boat. The loan is secured by financial interest over the marine vessel and is usually a lower interest rate than an unsecured loan.

Chattel Mortgage

This is the most popular boat loan for business.  If the boat is used predominantly for business use a Chattel Mortgage will preserve cash flow and provide tax savings.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is unsecured, meaning the money borrowed can be used for any purpose. You may want to consolidate all your credit card debt, or need money for a holiday, renovations, or even cosmetic surgery. The loan is yours and the money can be used for leisure. A personal loan can even be used for a car, boat or bike, however being unsecured the interest rates are not as low as a secured loan.

Boat Lease / Novated Leasing

A Boat Lease or salary sacrificing Novated Lease can help you and your employer save on tax and gain all the benefits of a company boat. Our staff are finance experts and can put together a lease package to suit your requirements.

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Features of Boat Loan

A boar loan is a secured finance option and often allows lower interest rates and other great features. But all loans are not created equal, and a boat loan may not always be the best option. Personal loans have become a great option for some people to choose. The Finance Centre will help you choose the right loan option for your needs. Customers can trust our knowledge and experienced advice.

Dealer or Private Sale

Customers can buy privately or a boat dealer. Private sale boats will need to be formally inspected by an approved agent.

Special Pre-approved Loan

Apply now and get pre-approved finance allowing you to shop with confidence. Pre-approval means you will know how much you can afford to spend without worrying about the uncertainty of the credit assesment process.

How much can I you borrow?

Minimum loan is from $5000 with a maximum loan term of 7 years. The total amount you can borrow is calculated by your affordability which our staff will be able to assist and advise on application

100% Funding on Loan

You can borrow up to the full purchase price of the marine vessel plus any insurance premiums.

Boat Loan - Eligibility

Finance Centre staff will help you through the steps to get your boat loan approved. Here are some of the important factors below. Contact us now to determine your finance eligibility.


Minimum age for all applicants is 18 years old, an Australia resident, and hold a current Australian drivers licence. When finalising the boat loan, applicants will need to provide various identification and income documents.


You must have a regular income and affordability. The lender assessment team will evaluate your income and expenses together with the loan commitments to determine and approve your loan.

Credit Rating

Even with a bad credit rating we have products that may help you get a 2nd chance. Interest rates are usually higher due to the added risk, however we will help you get the best bad credit boat loan deal you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the most frequently asked questions about our low interest rate boat loans.

Minimum loan is $5000. Subject to credit assessment and affordabilty, you can borrow up to the full purchase price of the boat plus insurances.

Yes! If you are arranging to buy a boat from a private sale for used cars, boats, trucks etc Finance Centre can still arrange a competitive boat loan. Additional doumentation and boat inspection will be required by one of our approved inspectors.

We will find the most competitive options from our large panel of lenders available to suit you.

Low risk usually means low interest rate. Higher risk, higher interest rate. Most lenders consider some of the following to determine the lowest interest rate you can qualify for:

  • Your credit rating;
  • Your assets & liabilities;
  • Your credit history and previous loans of similar size;
  • Employment history & stability and affordability.

Contact our staff – we can help you with your application online or over the phone.

It costs nothing to apply, there is no application fee. If your loan application is approved Finance Centre will then send you a formal letter with a detailed offer including complete breakdown of interest, charges, rates, and fees for you to consider. If you choose to proceed we can then process your loan and get you into your new boat!

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