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So you’ve got a bad credit rating? Been bankrupt, slow on making repayments, or have just been wild and wreckless?

There are now several finance companies that specialise in providing Bad Credit Car Loans. Whether you’ve been bankrupt, have credit defaults listed or even current outstanding debts and fines, there may be a car loan available on offer.

Our experienced staff can assist applicants with a bad credit rating with possible finance options. Finance Centre will compare various lenders to find not only a loan approval, but finance you can afford.

There is no fee to apply, and our staff can help you apply over the phone.

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Bad Credit Loans

Not just for cars. We have a wide variety of finance products from our large panel of lenders that may be right for you.

Medical Emergency

You or a family member may have an unexpected medical emergency.

Debt Consolidation

You may want to consolidate all your loans to just one making life and affordability alot easier.

Personal use

Use the money for study, training course, employment opportunities or even leisure purposes.

Cars, boats, bikes

Where you may not qualify for the usual secured Car Loan, a bad credit loan may allow you to get finance approved for motor vehicles, boats, trucks and motorcycles.

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Features of Bad Credit Loans

All loans are not created equal, Bad Credit Loans have become a great option for Aussie battlers.

Don't waste time

Apply now and re-organise your life.

No application fee

There is no fee to apply. If your loan is approved all charges, interest rates, & fees are communicated up front in writing along with the loan quotation for you to review before proceeding.

Access to competitive rates

Often Bad Credit Loans have a higher interest rate. Our staff will compare the various available bad credit loans to find the most affordable option for customers.

How much can I borrow?

Minimum loan is from $5000. With a maximum loan term of 7 years.

Bad Credit Loan - Eligibility

You must have a reliable source of income and be able to afford the repayments. Our finance staff will be able to help you with the assessment process. Apply online or over the phone now.


You must be a minimum of 18 years of age, hold a current Australian drivers license or passport, and be an Australian resident.


You must be able to afford the loan, & have a reliable source of income. Our staff can help you with the application online or over the phone now.

Credit Rating

Even being a previous bankrupt, outstanding defaults, or having a bad credit rating, Finance Centre will provide you with available options at affordable rates.

Frequently Ask Questions

The most frequently asked questions for Bad Credit Loans

Yes. Extra payments or early termination of the loan is available. Some lenders may have an early termination fee. This will be disclosed when our staff provides you with an approval offer for you to review.

No. You will need to finalise your bankruptcy prior to applying for bad credit finance.

Newstart, dole or any type of unemployment pension cannot apply for finance.

There are finance products available for other permanent pensions, disability pensions, family allowance and low income Centrelink pensions.

Minimum loan is $5000.

There are several finance products available even with current outstanding defaults listed on your credit rating file. Our experienced finance staff will comapre the various options to find you the most affordable option.

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