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About our Business Loans

Finance Centre is about helping small business grow. Our refreshingly enthusiastic staff help businesses not only get competitive interest rates, but provide access to flexible finance products, and understanding.

Choose from the latest tax effective finance products designed for small business. One application to access our large panel of lenders. We compare available options to best suit your business requirements.

Our Business Loans finance team will assist in helping your business choose products to structure your assets and liabilities according to your accounting. The right loan according to your specific business needs.

Apply online or over the phone now. Our staff are ready to help you!

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Business Loan Products

At Finance Centre we can provide business loans for cars, company vehicles, trucks, equipment, machinery, tractors, manufacturing equipment, mining, medical equipment, IT equipment, office fitouts, agricultural/farm equipment and so much more.

Chattel Mortgage

This is the most popular vehicle loan for business.  Whether its a van, ute, or a sports car, if the vehicle is used predominantly for business use a Chattel Mortgage will preserve cash flow and provide tax savings.

Car Lease / Novated Leasing

A Car Lease or salary sacrificing Novated Lease can help you and your employer save on tax and gain all the benefits of a company car. Our staff are finance experts and can put together a lease package to suit your requirements.

Business Finance

Whether its to pay overheads, repay debts, purchase inventory or help with cash-flow, we have access to business loans that cater for almost every industry.

Low Doc Loans

Low doc business loans, also known as lite doc, or alt doc loans, offer you a commercial finance option if you’re self-employed. Rather than having to provide payslips, you can usually self-certify your income by providing statements from your accountant, recent Business Activity Statements, or a self-signed income declaration form.

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Low rate Business Loans

All loans are not created equal, our business loans have become a great option for self employed and small business.

Time is money

We understand the urgency when running a small business. Our staff are ready to help you!

Choose your terms

With  minimum loan of $5000, terms are up to 7 years allowing flexibility and affordability.

Enjoy competitive rates

With just one quick application, we can compare our large panel of lenders to get you a competitive loan to suit your needs.

Less paperwork

Low doc loans allow pre-approval with minimal financial documents required.

Business Loan - Eligibility

Self employed people, small business, and commercial clients require an active ABN. If you are an individual applying for business finance for a vehicle/asset you must be using the vehicle or asset for more than 50% business use to qualify.


Minimum age of 18 years old.


Individuals/people applying for business car finance must be using the vehicle for more than 50% business use to qualify.

Business Entities

Small business, self employed or commercial clients must have an active ABN.

Frequently Ask Questions

Frequenty asked questions about our low interest rate business loans.

Yes! Our business finance staff will assess your unique circumstances and provide you with a range of available loan options.

We have access to Bad Credit loan lenders. Our finance staff will compare products from our large panel of lenders and provide you with affordable finance options available to you.

We will find the most competitive options from our large panel of lenders available to suit you.

Low risk usually means low interest rate. Higher risk, higher interest rate. Most lenders consider some of the following to determine the lowest interest rate you can qualify for:

  • Your credit rating;
  • Your assets & liabilities;
  • Your credit history and previous loans of similar size;
  • Employment history & stability and affordability.

Contact our staff – we can help you with your application online or over the phone.

It costs nothing to apply, there is no application fee. If your loan application is approved Finance centre will then send you a formal letter with a detailed offer including complete breakdown of interest, charges, rates, and fees for you to consider. If you choose to proceed we can then process and finalise the loan.

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